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3 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes By Boosting Your Post

3 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes By Boosting Your Post

Every day, Facebook users are exposed to hundreds of posts from various brands and people. This crowded messaging leads to reduced attention span and excitement for your posts, decreasing engagement in terms of likes, comments and shares. With Facebook Boost, you can reach out to your audience and re-engage with them.


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Boosting creatively crafted posts can help capture the attention of users and make them interested in your brand again. Social media marketing experts consider it to be a fantastic tool for reviving engagement and connecting with users online. Whether you do it yourself or hire professional Facebook advertising services, a strategic Boost plan can surely help you get more likes on Facebook.

Why Should You Invest In Facebook Boost?

To Promote a New Product or Service

Introducing a new product or offering requires extensive promotions to reach as many people as possible. In order to generate curiosity among social media users, re-targeted ads can be used on posts about product features, USPs, special introductory offers and deals etc. In the last couple of years, Facebook Boost has emerged as an excellent supplement for product launch promotions, personal brand publicity, and movie & TV show promotions.

To Drive Users into the Sales Funnel and Push Repeat Sales

Many studies suggest that Facebook Boost helps sell more by directing quality leads to your website or store. Customers who have purchased or considered purchasing your products in the past can be easily targeted by presenting high quality posts that resonate with their search history. An expert Facebook advertising company can help you discover the right messaging and touch points to convert more leads via social media.

3 Ways to Get More Likes Using Facebook Boost

Identify the Right Posts to Boost

In order to ensure that users engage with your posts, you must carefully select the posts you want to boost. By the very virtue of the sheer amount of content that is uploaded, not every post is able to capture the attention of your target audience. Posts which have generated a substantial organic engagement have a higher chance of performing even better when you boost them. Boosting old posts which resonate with current environment or feature a special occasion can also get you more likes on Facebook.

Broaden Your Posts’ Target Audience

Most brands use Facebook Boost to showcase their popular posts to fans or followers only. While this helps keep the connected users engaged, it does little to gain new fans. When you choose to boost a post, consider expanding the audience that you want to target. Including friends of your fans and other big data driven demographical groups can help your posts get more likes and even lead to more sales.

The Impact Media or another professional agency offering Facebook managements services in Sacramento can help you identify the right audience that you can target to increase the popularity of your brand online.

Pay Per Engagement Instead Of Impressions

While this is not directly a strategy to get more likes, paying for engagement on your posts instead of impressions reduces your cost per engagement. However, you must be willing to pay a higher price compared to cost per impression as engagement focused.

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