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3 Ways to Get Repeat Customers with Google Advertising

3 Ways to Get Repeat Customers with Google Advertising

In this competitive market, customers have hundreds of options to choose from for any product they want. While this makes it easy for new brands to find their audience, retaining buyers has become a huge challenge. Whether you are an established company or a new player in the industry, ensuring repeat customers is the number one priority for your business.

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Unlike the common notion, it is possible to bring back your customers to shop more without spending an exuberant amount of money on promotional activities. From hiring a competent Google advertising company to luring your audience with exclusive benefits, here are 3 ways to get repeat customers without an expensive marketing plan:

Engage with your customers

People want to know the brand that they shop from. This is why branding experts stress the importance of introducing the brand to the customers. This means engaging with them on a personal level, via a plethora of platforms. Whenever a customer makes their first purchase from you, express that you want to connect by asking for their contact details, social media handles, birthdays, etc.

Ensure them that the information is to help you serve them better in the future and is safe with you. And make sure you treat it so. You can hire professional data management and Google advertising services to provide a secure and bespoke engagement for your audience.

Being virtually free and expansive, Social Media can be a great way to reach out to your audience. Talk about your products, what inspires your brand, and share the process of bringing your products from conception to the market. When customers feel connected to the product that they’ve just purchased, and the brand they’re associating themselves with, they come back for more.

Ensure Mind Share with Retargeted Ads

Many times, customers buy a product from a new brand, like it but still never go for a repeat purchase. This is because your audience is exposed to hundreds of messages on a daily basis, which causes them to forget about your brand. Retargeted ads help you tap into this underutilized potential by bringing you closer to your target customers. A professional Google advertising company in Sacramento can plan and manage your retargeting ads and boost repeat purchases.

Professional Google advertising services are aimed at capturing and capitalizing on the most relevant and rewarding ad spots that can help you get more relevant leads. The chances of lead conversion increase greatly when the ads are targeted at customers who have shopped with you before.

Offer Loyalty Rewards to Entice Them

If you want people to shop, give them offers they can’t refuse! Discounted deals and special offers are the oldest tricks in the book of marketing. But with a rising focus on brand loyalty, customers don’t always respond to generic discount offers. Instead, creating loyalty rewards and customized offers can go a long way in ensuring repeat purchases. While many companies reserve loyalty programs for frequent customers, offering exclusive deals to one time buyers can help push more sales.

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