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6 Steps to Maintain Your Business’s Online Presence under 15 Minutes a Day

Business Visibility

6 Steps to Maintain Your Business’s Online Presence under 15 Minutes a Day

Business Visibility

In the last decade, social media has emerged as an essential element of building and promoting a brand. Especially for small businesses and new brands, social media platforms offer a quick and cost-effective way to get the attention of their target audience.

While it is not very difficult to execute, not every entrepreneur or small business owner has the time to create a stunning social media presence which attracts the audience. But if done right, you can build a strong brand online by effectively spending 15 minutes on the platforms every day.

Here is a checklist to help you improve your social media game in 15 minutes a day:

  1. Engage with people who talk to you

What sets online marketing apart from other marketing methods is that it allows you to have a direct conversation with your audience. Simply posting engaging content on your social media accounts is not enough anymore. Spend some time going through comments on your posts, and respond to as many as you can. Also, keep an eye on any mentions, tags and similar discussions to make sure that you present a brand that listens to its audience.

  1. Explore keywords and hashtags

These days, the internet has grown from simply a digital catalogue of services to a full-blown engagement salon and market place. Amidst this sea of messaging and conversations, it is important that you spend some time exploring the trending keywords and hashtags. If your target audience is searching for “social media marketing near me” on the internet, you might want to include the keyword in your content uploads.

  1. Schedule your posts

Since you do not have time to undertake an extensive social media strategy, you must plan your daily posts in advance. Every day, finalize the content you want to upload and schedule your posts for manual or automatic upload. Alternatively, you can also hire expert social media management services in Sacramento to help you publish on social media platforms in an efficient and timely manner that ensures a response.

  1. Find interesting people and brands to connect with

Spend about 2-3 minutes every day simply looking for people and brands that share a similar passion, messaging and audience as you. This helps in creating a network of brands that promote and elevate each other. For example – freelance social media strategists and content developers can engage with expert online marketing agencies offering social media marketing services in Sacramento & other parts of the US to gain the attention of a larger audience.

  1. Discover interesting content for posting in future

Planning in advance is a crucial step that can help maximize the impact of your social media strategy even in less time. While engaging with your audience and exploring content from other sources, keep adding ideas to your content bank simultaneously.

  1. Upload “Stories” to get quick engagement

The option of adding “stories” on social media is a great way for brands to notify their audience about any new posts, events, engagement, news etc. While you cannot curate and post every small bit on your account, presenting products & information, and engaging with raw content helps stay in touch with your customers on a more frequent basis. This way, you furnish content that attracts users and makes them come back for more.

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