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Generate Leads in Specific locations

How we helped dental care turn their painful Facebook Ads into a spitting success.


Unable to Reach Relevant Audience.

> Growing New Patient Acquisition Cost 


Impact Media’s ROI-focused approach 

to FB Ads gave exactly what they needed:

5 x increase in Leads

3 x increase in new patients

50% reduction in new Patient acquisition cost.

New Image Dentistry & Implants’s wanted to continue their growth trajectory to reach even more people in need of their services. 


They turned to Facebook Ad, knowing that a paid strategy is one of the quickest, and most effective, ways to market a brand.


But it can also be one of the most expensive, if the campaigns aren’t run efficiently.


By the time they approached the The Impact Media, the New Image team was struggling to see the results they knew they should see with their paid advertising.


It wasn’t a lack of spending that was the problem. It was that their campaigns weren’t targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

We rolled up our sleeves, put on our safety goggles, and dove headfirst into polishing up, and filing down, New Image Dentistry & Implants’s Facebook AD strategy so that they’d get the return on investment they deserved.


Although New Image Dentistry & Implants had an existing Facebook strategy in place, our team went back to the drawing board to ensure the foundation of their paid strategy house was built solidly and designed for long-term growth.

Launching brand campaigns allowed us to quickly capture additional search volume and improve the account’s quality score upon re-launch while inching out competitors who had previously capitalized on New Image Dentistry & Implants’ lack of branded Facebook Ad efforts. 

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