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Double Your ROI on Google Ads by Doing These 3 Things

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Double Your ROI on Google Ads by Doing These 3 Things

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Not completely satisfied with the returns on your Google Ad investments? Prioritize these three things in your Google Advertising Services strategy, and witness the change:

Work on your website and landing pages

The objective of dedicated Google Advertising services is to bring visitors to your website. The conversion of visitors into customers is solely driven by how your website looks and what content you have on display. In order to ensure that the leads from your ads turn into sales, you must optimize your website to be user friendly and action inducing. Some tips for better optimizing your website for increased Google ads ROI are:

  • Have a neat website that the visitors want to browse through when they are redirected via the Google ad
  • Create dedicated landing pages with relevant messaging to increase lead conversion
  • If you are targeting mobile users, make sure that your website design is responsive so that your visitors do not experience a cluttered layout and choose to leave

Ensure that the keywords, landing pages, & message align

While it is a part of website optimization, many companies often simply revamp the layout or design of their web pages. But in order to make sure that your visitors turn into your customers, the user experience has to be consistent. Right from the Ad that is displayed to the page that it redirects the user to; the messaging needs to be uniform, explanatory, and must have a CTA (Call to Action) pitch.

Test & experiment with your campaign

Do not be afraid of trying out new ideas for your Google ads. With the ever changing internet, willingness to experiment is necessary if you want to gain more customers. The rising popularity of DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) is proof that working smartly on a wider range of keywords can get you more leads. DKI automatically matches your ad with the keywords that are used in the customer’s search query, increasing the visibility of your ad. It seems to work for many brands and not on many others. So, explore the possibilities beyond traditional strategies, while gradually growing your presence.

Consider this – If you are a digital marketing agency working out of Sacramento, you would want to try advertising on keywords like “Google advertising company in Sacramento”, “Google advertising company in California” & others. Assess which keywords get you more leads in lesser cost, and then favour them in your campaigns.

Another way to experiment with your Google ads is by trying out various types of content. You can run some ads with plain text, some with images, and even use rich media like animations. Strategic content mix can help you capture the attention of more customers, giving you a higher ROI on your Google ads.

While these 3 Google Ad planning tips can help you increase your online sales, there are many other aspects to a good Google advertising strategy. If you don’t have the experience to design and execute a promising Google ad plan, hiring a premier Google advertising company in Sacramento can be a great option. With experts handling your Google advertising, you can focus on other tasks as your business grows.

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