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How to Build a Community around Your Brand on Facebook

How to Build a Community around Your Brand on Facebook

Over the years, Facebook has evolved from a social networking platform into a large showcase of products and services from around the world. Millions of brands from all parts of the globe are using innovative and creative techniques to engage with their target audience. But with rising awareness amongst users, traditional sales advertisements have lost their charm. Instead, Facebook users are engaging with brands that promote a change-inducing message.

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Thus, as a company, your Facebook ad campaigns should be aimed at building a trusting community of users who engage with your products both online and offline. By interacting with a large number of users as a community, you can easily strengthen your brand. It promotes customer loyalty as the members of the community feel a level of trust, giving you a large force of brand ambassadors in your proud customers.

While community-driven marketing is a nascent concept, a premier Facebook advertising company can help you navigate the challenges and build a strong brand online. Here are some tips to help you build a community around your brand on Facebook:

Choose your demographics carefully

Online communities thrive when you engage with an audience that shares similar interests. This is why it is important to choose your target users wisely. Establish the ideal customer profile with the help of your Facebook marketing company in Sacramento to give your campaign the right start. Consider demographic elements like age, interests, occupation, location, spending capacity, etc to make sure that the community you aim to build integrates easily.

Target users, you’ve interacted with before

Users on Facebook are exposed to dozens of messages on a daily basis. Amidst this crowd of brands trying to leave an impression, you need to further target your efforts. A premier company offering Facebook management services in Sacramento can help you retarget users who have interacted with your brand in the past.

This segment includes people who have visited your website before, have made a purchase from you, or have engaged with one of your campaigns on Facebook. Retargeted advertising enables you to retain old customers, induce stalled sales, and promote brand loyalty.

Welcome them with an appealing website

Facebook management is one part of building a strong brand. A good Facebook advertising company will tell you that your website, especially the landing page of your campaign, matters as much as your message on social media.

Create landing pages that are relevant to the ads you are posting on Facebook, and ensure that you engage with all your users. Whether you ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or to join a Facebook group, seeking action is the first step towards future engagement.

Share experiences of your audience

When creating a community of users around your product or service, it is important to look beyond traditional messaging. Instead of posting product related promotional content every time on your Facebook page, invite your audience to share their experiences and stories around your product.

Depending upon the nature of your offering, create inspiring campaigns aimed at motivating other users for the change. When you challenge your community to grow, you grow with them.

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